Sleeping In The Nude: Does What You Wear To Bed Affect Intimacy?


Sleeping In The Nude: Does What You Wear To Bed Affect Intimacy?
Are you willing to make changes in the way you sleep to improve your marriage? Talk to your partner.

A recent survey published by Cotton USA reveals that 57 percent of married couples who sleep nude report being happy with their partner. Roughly half of all couples do sleep nude and approximately half of those are over the age of 55.
Is it the nudity itself helping couples feel happier with their partner or is the nudity symbolic for something deeper that sleeping naked portrays?

I asked several couples and the majority of them thought sleeping nude was a good idea, but couples with children were reluctant to sleeping nude. It isn’t the nudity that matters most with couple satisfaction, its intimacy or connection with your partner. Being nude symbolizes openness, vulnerability and skin to skin contact. Sex is more likely to happen with couples that sleep in the nude because when one of the partners wears pajamas or a nightgown they are drawing a boundary between themselves and their partner. If you have children and are uncomfortable going to bed nude, there are other ways you can restore intimacy within your marriage and/or relationship.

  1. Talk to your partner and be curious. “How was your day?” is not enough. Ask open-ended questions that are relevant to them.
  2. Touch your partner every day. Holding hands, kissing, and a quick hug go a long way in restoring intimacy.
  3. Be grateful for what your partner does and tell them often.
  4. Continue to make your relationship your story. Create events rather than dates. Re-living funny moments you shared together keeps you involved and close.
  5. Stand close to your partner, and claim them.
  6. Listen to him or her and look at your partner when you do. At a dinner party look at your partner instead of others.
  7. Flirting is as easy as a sticky note in their briefcase, wallet or purse. Flirting lets your partner know you noticed.
  8. Perhaps most importantly, be kind. Kindness is the number one ingredient missing when intimacy dies.

Whether you sleep in the nude or with flannels is not the issue or the main ingredient that stands out with happy couples. Intimacy is the key ingredient for a happy marriage; it is the foundation of great sex, a great marriage and two people who are committed to keeping their relationship healthy. –Mary Jo Rapini

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