Five Things To Never Sacrifice For Your Marriage


Five Things To Never Sacrifice For Your Marriage
Your children are a gift but so is your marriage. 5 helpful tips to maintaing a healthy marriage.

There is an ongoing research study focused on dads. The study is an attempt to build stronger families by focusing on the father's role in the first year of the baby's life. We know dads are important to a child's self esteem, overall health, and their success at developing healthy relationship later in life. Some of these dads are in a second marriage, living with the baby's mother, or just wanting more information on how to be a better dad. I am part of the research study. I volunteer a 30 minute class on "Sex and Intimacy After Baby." The dads love it, and they ask questions. I volunteer my time, because I believe that dads who are involved in their child's life help create stronger, healthier families. I also grew up with a wonderful father, and have respect for the father's role in families.

When I began my part of the study, I did not expect what has happened. The dads are more open than I had anticipated. They call me when their wife goes into labor, and want reassurance. They call me with emotional issues after the baby. As with most things, if you put your soul and heart into a project, it will grow. This one certainly has. Dads are not passive bystanders as it may appear after the birth of their baby. They want to be involved, but many times don't know how. Moms and babies get a lot of attention and that how should be. However, that attention should be focused on dads too, if we want him to take an active role with the baby and marriage after.

When I go to the class, I take my time getting to know the dads, no moms are allowed in this class We talk about all sorts of things so they can relax and get to know me a bit. Before we begin with the slides and the lecture, I may ask this question: "What are you most concerned will change after the birth of your baby?" Some of the guys will say things such as, "That their wife won't like them or give them attention anymore." Some say, "She may not want to have sex anymore." Still other men will say things such as, “I'm afraid I won’t be a good dad or husband.” The wives never hear this, and I regret that. I think being able to hear their husbands fears may help women rethink their role as wife and mother after baby. Some women upon hearing these statements may go so far as to say, "How can he be so selfish," or "He is thinking only of himself again." Actually, that’s not what I hear. I hear that these future dads are afraid that their wife is going to change and will no longer include them, and they won't know how to connect with her, remember guys connect physically, women connect verbally.

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