5 Signs Your Man Maybe Cheating


5 Signs Your Man Maybe Cheating
5 warning signs to watch out for.

Understand me here, not all men are cheaters. These are just examples of men who give the good guys a bad name. Here's a few warning signs:

1. Increasingly Private - If he sneaks off to make phone calls or to send a text. You might have to do some investigating. An easy solution is to ask to borrow his phone. If he asks nervous or gives you a lame excuse why you can't use his phone, he may be hiding something.  


2. Never in the Mood - Start to worry if he couldn't keep his hands off you before and now he's too tired or sleepy to have sex. This is a BIG RED FLAG!. Also, if he's suddenly into some drastically different sex acts than  before. He may have learn this from someone else. This is a BIG RED FLAG!  

3. Change of Hygiene and Grooming Habits  - If he's usually a jean and  T-shirt guy and now he's P. Diddy. This could be a FBI clue. Also, if he insists on doing his own laundry, he might be trying to hide stains or another person's scent.

4. Frequently Canceling  Dates - If he changes plans with you but has never done this before, this might be a sign of devaint behavior. Often times, cheaters have a lack of interest in their current relationship and in turn find ways to spend time with the other woman.

5. Suddenly Talks About Ending Relationshp After Arguments - Watch out for statements like "If we ever broke up, I would always be your friend" or " If we broke up, I would always love you."  If he constantly make these kinds of statements, be suspicious.  

After talking to women about being cheated on, I learned that many signs were overlooked. Keep these tips in mind when giving your heart to someone, remember you deserve to be treated with respect.  

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