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Married couples

Affairs Make Our Case Helpless

Often times married couples will contact us because there has been an affair hurt their marriage. Unlike other organizations, we don't demand that the straying spouse be rid of the affair before attending our seminar. We see our role as…

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Couples considering divorce

Needing a Marriage Miracle?

We save marriages that most people give up on. We have worked with married couples considering divorce since 1994 and our success rate has been phenomenal! Often times one spouse wants to save the marriage and the other wants out.…

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Separated couples

Not in the Same House? We can help even then!

Often times separated or even divorced couples attend our seminar. We've saved marriages that have been divorced for over a decade! We're very familiar with the frustration and despair felt by couples who are recently separated or have been for…

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Joe Beam

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Lover or Spouse - Who Should I Choose?

Who you should choose? Your lover or your spouse? Here's help for your decision.

He Cheated; Should We Get Divorced? [EXPERT]

He Cheated; Should We Get Divorced?

Six tips to help you decide whether to leave an unfaithful spouse.

Should You Divorce An Unfaithful Spouse?[EXPERT]

Should You Divorce An Unfaithful Spouse?

Your spouse has come clean on an affair. Should you stay or should you go?


5 Tips To Laying The Foundation For A Strong Marriage

What kind of commitment keeps a marriage together forever? How can today's marriages defy the odds?

Getting Divorced

Help! I'm in Love with Another Man!

She didn't want to have feelings for someone else but the truth was, she did.

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