Facebook Relationship Stages


Facebook Relationship Stages
A few tips on how to ease through the stages of a relationship on Facebook.

You’ve found someone special, and you want everyone to know about it, so you’ve chosen to Facebook it. But, be aware that timing is crucial. Don’t freak out your date by changing your relationship status to “in a relationship” after the first date or make them feel unimportant by not even announcing your engagement. Read on for a few tips on how to ease through the stages of a relationship on Facebook.

Stage 1: Become Facebook Friends


If your first date was out of this world, you may be tempted to immediately send a friend request, but first make sure your date is on the same page. Bring up something you saw on Facebook and ask them if they’re on there and see where that leads. If they seem interested, “friend” them. If not, let them make the first “online move.” If they absolutely hated the date, they’re not going to be interested in your Facebook feed or being cyber stalked by you.

Stage 2: Communicate With Each Other (Privately)

If you were Facebook friends previous to your first date, you may want to send them a short message (not a wall post) and thank them for the first date. If you sent the friend request after the first date, let them make the next “Facebook move.” Don’t let Facebook messages replace phone calls and don’t write wall posts until you have “announced” your relationship on Facebook. Chances are you have some mutual friends, and you’d hate to let the cat out of the bag before the other is ready.

Stage 3: Change Your Relationship Status

This is definitely one you should talk about with your “other half.” Everyone’s definition of “in a relationship” is different and maybe the guy you think you’re exclusive with is still dating other people. This can obviously be awkward. Once you are definitely exclusive, decide together whether you want the whole Facebook world to know it. After you change that status, you’ll get loads of questions from friends. Are you ready for that? For the easiest route, wait until you are engaged to change your relationship status.

Stage 4: Communicate With Each Other (Openly)

Once you’ve both agreed that the Facebook world can know you’re dating, you can open up your Facebook communication to wall posts. But honestly, keep it to a minimum. No one else needs to read your confessions of undying love for one another.

Stage 5: Post Photos and Videos

Once that status is changed, friends will beg for photos. Before posting any photos, clear them with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Some people prefer not to have millions of pictures of them floating all over Facebook, especially if they are particularly embarrassing.

Stage 6: Update Your Status

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