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Bling It On! 10 Jewelry Buying Tips for Guys and Girls


Bling It On! 10 Jewelry Buying Tips for Guys and Girls
Buying a gift? No other gift comes with more potential to be misunderstood than jewelry.

Buying a gift? No other gift comes with more potential to be misunderstood than jewelry. Chosen carefully and given properly, jewelry can up your game in a relationship. But buy the bling blindly, and it’s game over. With Valentine’s Day approaching, here are some jewelry buying tips for guys and girls to help insure a positive gift giving experience.

1. Give Jewelry That’s Relationship Appropriate: So, you’re seeing someone you’ve deemed bling worthy and you’d like to give them something special. Hold on a moment. Before you max out that credit card you need to do a relationship reality-check. Remember, unlike other gifts that are always well received—like flowers or a favorite scent of after shave— jewelry is subject to misinterpretations as to the real motive and expectations of the giver. Let’s face it. A girl’s not going to surprise a guy with a fancy big faced watch after a first kiss on the front porch. And no guy’s going to drop down on one knee, produce the velvet box and pop the question on a first date either. That is unless he knows right away that this is the woman he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life with. Sizing up the relationship and selecting a gift that’s appropriate to where you are in it, not where you’d like to be, is critical. In fact it’s almost as critical as the next jewelry buying tip…

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2. Keep The Receipt

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3. Do Some Detective Work: Once you have an idea of how simple or extravagant your gift should be, the real challenge will be to determine what it should be. Time to call upon those keen powers of observation. When you’re with your significant other notice to what extent they already wear jewelry and, even more importantly, try to get a handle on quality and taste. Depending on the level of your relationship this is easier said than done. If your powers of observation aren’t cutting it, feel free to ask a friend or family member of the guy or girl you’re gifting what they feel might be appropriate. Although you’ll want to do this in secret, when it’s all said and done you’ll score some good points when the recipient of your gift finds out that you made a genuine effort to make it all the more special.

4. Keep The Receipt

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