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3 Reasons To Look For Love On Election Night

3 Reasons To Look For Love On Election Night [EXPERT]

Don't stay home alone! Election night is a great opportunity to meet Mr. Right!

What's red or blue and single all over? The amazing guy you're going to meet on election night 2012!

Both political and non-political men will be out everywhere, and if you want to increase the odds that you win — even if your candidate of choice doesn't — you need to lock in your election night plans pronto! While actually voting is a plus — after all, you never know who might be standing behind the curtain — this is definitely not the night to stay home watching the election returns alone.

Don't believe it? Here are three reasons why election night is a great time to meet men:

1. Election night parties draw a better crowd. Let’s face it; a standard Tuesday night party can draw a crowd. However, when something as important as a presidential election rolls around, men with a higher-than-average IQ will likely be along for the ride — as should you!

Getting invited to an election night party filled with hoards of mutual friends and single men is a great opportunity for you to meet your match. You could even throw your own last-minute bash if you're feeling up for it; just ask every guest to bring a friend! 

2. Casual banter about politics sparks stimulating conversation. Engaging in an intense discussion about the fate of our dear country is most definitely not a good idea. However, a casual discussion about which candidate's hair looks better on television can be a great conversation starter.

Politics can be a sensitive subject, but starting off on the right foot will be easy on election night. People will generally be in a cheerful mood because there's cause for celebration. Even if your candidate doesn't win, you can celebrate the fact that we get to vote!

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