30 Relationship Lies To Leave Behind

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Honesty & Love: Lies To Stop Telling In Relationships
How many of these relationship lies are you guilty of telling?

Ah, love. It sure makes us do some crazy things — like tell our sweetie bold-faced lies. In the spirit of honesty, we asked dating guru and matchmaker Marla Martenson for 15 silly lies we've all told ... and should totally ditch:

  1. How much you really weigh. Come on ladies, guys have a skewed idea of weight and sizes from our fibbing about it.
  2. The fact that you forgive your ex, realize that people grow, and you don't hold any grudges.
  3. Botox? Not me, I'm naturally wrinkle-free ... and for that matter, I think women that use it are shallow.
  4. How much your new outfit really cost. This new dress? I got it on the sale rack for 25 bucks!
  5. I never text and drive!
  6. Oh, it's no problem that your dog humps my leg every time I come over to your house.
  7. So glad that you love my chocolate chip cookies. Of course they're homemade!
  8. You're a fantastic cook (unless he is!).
  9. These babies? Oh yeah, they're mine ... after all, I paid for them.
  10. Of course I like football!
  11. No, I have never seen six pack abs that were sooooo tight.
  12. That's not my ex my facebook page.
  13. I love sleeping in between you and your Rottweiler.
  14. I have no idea how my car door got dented
  15. Housewives of Beverly Hills? No, I've never seen it.

... And, on the heavier side: Here are 15 serious relationship lies to definitely leave behind, from YourTango Experts Editor Rochelle Bilow:

  1. I don't want kids.
  2. I do want kids.
  3. I hate cuddling, too.
  4. I'm not high maintanence — you don't have to tell me I'm beautiful.
  5. like doing all the housework myself.
  6. Everything's fine.
  7. I don't want to talk about it.
  8. It doesn't matter if you get along with my sister.
  9. ... or my parents.
  10. That made me orgasm.
  11. You always make me orgasm, and:
  12. I'm always in the mood!
  13. I'm totally over that fight we had (unless you totally, truly are).
  14. I never get insecure.
  15. I don't need your help.
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