All Thumbs? Don't Let Texting Ruin Your Love Life


All Thumbs? Don't Let Texting Ruin Your Love Life [EXPERT]
Does texting keep you from enjoying an intimate connection?

Can a text message ruin your chances of meeting your soulmate? As a matchmaker, I am privy to what is really going on before, during, and after my clients' dates. Today I want to share with you how texting is actually preventing many fabulous singles from ever meeting in the first place.

We are all guilty of it: whipping out our cell phone and shooting off a text, often riddled with typos and acronyms, hoping to make a connection, but it often leaves the receiving party cold. In the "olden days" we would pick up the phone and have an actual conversation. The other person could hear the sound of our voice, interpreting our tone, humor, sarcasm, and overall getting a really great feel of our personality. Is Chemistry To Blame For Bad Choices In A Mate?


But now, singles are using texting to make the first connection, and in many cases, conduct hour long conversations by text. I have witnessed so many women become utterly frustrated with men that continually text that they just say "the heck with it, I don't even want to meet him now." Many women say that they feel like they are back in high school.

Texting can be a fabulous tool to let someone know that you are running late, confirming a date, sending an address, a little thank you, or a "thinking of you" during the day. But if we can just get back to basics and pick up the phone and make a real life, live connection, your chances of actually sitting across from your soulmate will rise substantially. 4 Dating Deal Breakers

You don't have to cut out texting completely,  but you might want to dial it down. Try to use texting to supplement, rather than replace, other forms of communication. Step out of your comfort zone by getting to know someone over the phone and in person.

Texting can also be dangerous if you text and drive. You may never make it to your date. Heidi Montag's plastic surgeon Dr Frank Ryan was killed after apparently accidentally driving off a cliff while sending a text message. What Can Celebrity Breakups Teach Us?

So be smart and be safe, and happy communicating!

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