The Value Of Trust In Relationships


The Value Of Trust In Relationships
Don't let a lack of trust hold you back from personal freedom and infinite love!

Joy and success in relationships are built on trust. Without trust, what’s really left? Certainly not fulfilling sex! Who and what you trust will have a great impact on the results of your intimate relationship and life. You can look at the quality of trust in your life from four different perspectives: How well you trust in your divine source, how well you trust yourself, how well others trust you, and how well and wisely you trust others. 5 Ways to Build Trust

1. Trust the Supreme
Do you trust that a loving power is caring for you and guiding you in every detail of your life? No doubt, there is something beyond your mortal self and what you can see and touch—a divine power that created everything and presently gives life to all things. You are included in the totality of this animating field of energy. The immensity of this power and presence ultimately governs the existence and movement of all things, including you. With this awareness, you have several choices each day. You can refuse to accept divine love’s presence in your life, ignore or forget about it, or choose to progressively relax into it and be moved and blessed by it.


For a fresh approach, instead of thinking of God as an entity, it may be helpful for you to think in terms of qualities such as constancy, omnipotence, reliable truth, comforting love, all-knowing mind, and eternal life. Trust in such attributes is developed by seeking to understand, witness, and align with them.

Being able to actually trust the presence is an amazing and wonderful feeling that always stays with us. One time, I was saved while surfing in Hawaii during a severe storm by trusting in God’s care and protection for me. The powerful inter-island current shifted, and instead of being carried out to sea hundreds of miles, I was brought to land. Every time we shift from anxiety back into trust, our faith-capacity increases.

No matter what your intimate relationship looks like, you have the opportunity to know that you’re part of a much greater plan. Look for the bigger picture and seek to be part of the orchestration that is moving everyone involved, including you and your loved ones. In this way, you won’t have to make your problems and responsibilities bigger than life itself, because they actually aren’t. Much like the mighty ocean currents, there is a divine flow that we can adjust to.

What we focus on, especially with emotional intensity, will tend to expand in our lives. By focusing on God’s infinitely powerful, tender nature and living in alignment with principles of humility, truth, and love, we’ll tend to have less fear and doubt parading in front of us. We strengthen our trust in the presence by making it our focus and priority. It is our spiritual design to trust spirit, and it is the most natural thing to do when the ego- or fear-dominated obstructions to this trust are reduced or removed.

Divinity’s nature includes gentle kindness, tender compassion, powerful strength, constant discipline, perfect timing, abundant care, infinite goodness, spontaneous creativity, and so much more. Appreciate and embody these qualities and thereby overcome fear and confusion, while you expand the certainty of your trust in the supreme.

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