Feeling Lost? 5 Questions To Help You Find Your Way


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The same questions you might ask someone with amnesia could change your life!

Many people are disconnected from their passion and joy. To reconnect, start with these crucial questions: Who are you? Where are you now? What are you here to do? Where do you want to go? And what will it take to get there? Positive changes always start with awareness. Whenever you find yourself pressured, dazed or confused by what life has thrown you, try coaching yourself with the above questions. The answers to these questions can help you find your way again.

Who are you?
In order to solve your challenges and to journey well, you may need to be in better touch with the core nature of who you are. So who are you? Not what do you do or have, but what is your essence? What ignites your joy and passion? By clarifying your values you can re-align with your heart and soul. What is so meaningful to you that you don’t want to compromise it? Do you value beauty, honesty, or love? The qualities you deem most important act as your steering wheel when you are making decisions that affect the course of your life and relationships. Without defining them, you may be easily swayed off course or stalled by distractions or challenges on the road of life.


Where are you now?
In order to improve the quality of your life, get totally honest about where you are now.  Most people have only a vague sense of where they are. "My money or intimate relationship situation is not good," gives clues, but is still fuzzy. Clarity about finances would include your income, expenses, debt, assets, resources, and actionable options available to you. "My love life sucks" is also vague. A more honest assessment might be, "I've been seeing a disinterested unemployed 'friend with benefits' for 6 months. I feel unfulfilled and out of integrity." Knowing where you are gives you a huge advantage to move toward where you'd rather be.

What are you here to do?
Most people know why they are headed to the mall much more than they know why they are going through life or a relationship. Maybe 1 in ten people can clearly state what their life purpose is. Your purpose is what makes you come alive and fulfills your soul-yearning. It's what makes you feel like the Universe is on your side. Purpose is what gives you motivation and power to focus your energy and overcome obstacles. As you probably know, every relationship presents challenges, so a definite sense of purpose, such as "to grow in my capacity to love," will empower you to use challenges for the highest good of all concerned, instead of feeling defeated by them.

So, what are you here to do? Without clearly knowing what your purpose is, you may work endlessly to achieve a goal only to find out that it doesn't satisfy you or that it was not in alignment with what you are really about. Your purpose is vital for you to achieve lasting results and experience a fulfilling quality of life — one that is energized by motivation and soulful passion. There are times when it may be helpful to receive feedback from a friend, partner, counselor, or life coach, so you can re-align with your purpose and inner truth.

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