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Dating IS a game of deception

Dating IS a game of deception

Never have I scoffed so loudly on the morning crosstown bus then when I had read about a Jerusalem court convicting a man on the grounds of "rape by deception".

A Palestinian man was convicted of rape after he had consensual sex with an Israeli woman whom he had deceived into thinking that he was a single Jewish man. Upon finding out that Sabbar Kashur, a 30 year old father of two, was in fact an Arab, she filed a criminal complaint for indecent assault and rape. The charge was reduced earlier this week to rape by deception.

Excluding the fact that somehow the courts redefined the word rape from the non-consensual, often violent crime, to consensual sex with the wrong person, it seems that we've forgotten that dating is a game of deception.

The courtship of the first few dates before sex are riddled with deception. Push up bras, heavy make up, and Spanx... let's face it, most women deceive men into thinking they are hot. And men? Well, there's a reason why they pay for the first date. It leads women to believe that they are rich and can provide for them if needed.

It's only after sex where the real colors begin to show. No longer is there an unbearable need to impress with over the top deception. You've already had sex!

And I've only covered the tangible attributes of deception. I can only imagine how overcrowded the court docket will become when women begin to sue men where they had to fake it.

Rape by deception? Indeed.


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