Tyler Perry's Single Moms Club -An Empowered Single Mom's View


Tyler Perry's Single Moms Club -An Empowered Single Mom's View
Bucking the trend of other critics, Margaret expresses her personal feelings about the film

I'm a busy single mompreneur.  I've been traveling from Tiburon,CA to Denver, CO, back to Tiburon and then to LA and back over this last month and half. Meanwhile juggling starting my VoiceAmerica radio show, lining up guests and an insane 2/2/5 shared custody schedule.  Never mind you the details of the shared custody nor my Mom's flair up with her health...the regular logistics of finances etc. Needless to say, "um, yeah, it's been CRAZY".

What? A Movie About Single Moms? By Tyler Perry?


With this insanity, it's no wonder I was unaware of Tyler Perry's new movie The Single Moms Club debut until just a few days ago.  And it's single moms like me that this movie was truly made for!  Well, I LOVE Tyler Perry and I LOVE SINGLE MOMS!  Seemed like a match made in heaven.  And my dears...it was.

The Scramble

I immediately arranged my work schedule to accomodate seeing the film midday today, Friday March 14th, opening day. AND due to a last minute schedule change in the show for next week...I will be reviewing the movie with Emma Johnson, www.wealthysinglemommy.com along with a group of other single moms who have signed up to see the film this weekend and call in.  All single moms who are intersted are welcome to join up in this discussion.  Simply contact me at: mom@themotherrising.com and I can send you the list of topics to consider/questions, etc. 

Radio Review

The show will air next week live on my show, The Mother Rising on VoiceAmerica's Empowerment Station.  It airs every Thursday from 4-5pm PDT, and this episode where we discuss Tyler Perry's Single Moms Club will be on March 20th!

Professional Critique?  No, But a Real Single Mom's Thoughts...

I will write something up here, but please keep in mind that I am not a professional movie critic.  I AM a single Mom who prior to sitting down here at the computer darted from her work to the movie and then darted from the movie to Trader Joe's to quickly fill the car with about 10 grocery bags of food for my three kids and myself for the next week (clearly we were out of food; AND I got some really good deals). I then sped to pick up child #1 to take him up to the swim and tennis club where #'s 2 and 3 were playing tennis and swimming respectively.  After lots of driving, unloading, cooking and picking up again, more driving chilling on a Friday with my precious kiddos and watching the only show all 3 will ever agree on Call Of The Wildman and FINALLY getting them to bed, and voila...I have time write this at 11PM at night! Pretty awesome Friday night, eh? SIngle Mom Stylie! SOOOOO, if it is disjointed in anyway, my apologies; however, I do feel that this movie deserves a review from an empowered and transformed single mom post divorce!

This article was originally published at The Mother Rising . Reprinted with permission.
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Margaret Jacobson

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Margaret Jacobson, radio show host of The Mother Rising on Voice America's Empowerment station, understands the challenges of isolation and deep struggle in all stages of divorce (before, during and after). As a Divorce Wellness coach she helps those going through divorce or separation maintain their health and stay organized so that they can feel in control and find clarity and peace.  She specializes in working with clients dealing with difficult endings.

Laying a foundation  for understanding the landscape of divorce on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels, Margaret speaks on The 9 Things You Can Depend on in Divorce so that you can flow through the process with greater ease.

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