What Is Sex Addiction And Can It Be Cured?


What Is Sex Addiction And Can It Be Cured?
The sexual urge – what happens when it’s repressed; the root of sex-addiction and the way out of it.

Sexual Desire – the Biology and the Ecstasy

Sexual desire, as we all know, is a natural biological urge, which may or may not lead to masturbation or sexual intercourse, and this in turn, may or may not lead to genital release, also known as Orgasm. The orgasm reflex is an automatic aspect of the nervous system. It is pre-programmed into the human body to need genital release on a regular basis, the frequency of which depends on the age and health of the person.


For most people, genital release is extremely pleasurable. It floods the body with pleasure hormones bringing a sense of euphoria and joy. For a moment, mind stops, the sense of time disappears and we are offered a glimpse of heaven. This state of pure joy is a door offered by nature, allowing us to experience life in wholeness and totality. Often, in these moments of ecstasy, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that life is simply love.

Sexual Transcendence and Sexual Repression and Perversion 

Some people speak of sexual transcendence as being desirable, when in actual fact, it is the biology that decides whether sexual impulses manifest or not. A mind conditioned by certain beliefs may be able to inhibit the sexual response, but cannot control the orgasm reflex. Even if a person does not indulge in sex either through masturbation or sexual union, they will still have dreams in which sexual fantasy will lead to genital release. A more dangerous manifestation, which arises through sexual repression, is that of perversion. A person becomes so tortured by incessant ungratified sexual urges that they become rapists or paedophiles.

And still another aspect of sexuality that is very prevalent in our cyber society, is mentally driven. Such a person lacks sexual contact and may also lack nurturing human connection. He or she may lack human touch, and can only find a shadow fulfilment through imaginary touch with imagined people as seen on the computer screen.

Emotionally-driven Sexuality – the Root of Sex Addiction

There is another category of sexuality that is important to understand. This is, emotionally driven sexuality. This happens when a person has strongly repressed emotions, such as anger, fear or sadness. Emotions are like the weather, which is very changeable. Winds, rain, sunshine, all play a role in the balance of nature. And so it is with our emotions. If emotions are in stagnation, they will seek to be expressed vicariously through other means.

One of the very common ways people have found to release repressed emotions is through sexual activity and genital release. Often when people do this, they will not really enjoy the release. It is more of a letting go of stress than a deep experience of ecstasy. Because the person is not really fulfilled, and the emotional cycle never finds it’s true release through conscious expression, there is more and more desire for release, and the person goes on interpreting that urge as a need for sex.

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