First Comes Love..., then comes Marriage Education?


First Comes Love..., then comes Marriage Education?
Healthy relationships are about being proactive so you stay together, grow closer, & sex gets better

S__ & M___ sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first come love..., then comes marriage. Any couple in a successful marriage will tell you that you will reap the benefits for how much effort, time, and investment you put into learning new skills to connect, communicate, and be intimate with one another. If you invest in your couplehood, then you keep the sexual energy, attraction, and devotion within your relationship. You not only fireproof what you have together, it gets better each year. It's also fool proof. You're allowed to think someone else is attractive, and if they flirt with you--you learn to bring that excitement and sexual energy back into your marriage.

Staying excited and aroused about your spouse, trying new things separately and together on a monthly basis--all this happens naturally when your focus of every interaction with your spouse is to lift, encourage, and help the other grow into the best version of themself.


M--Marriage binds you so that in your darkest days and brightest moments you never forget that you are not alone

A--Above average sex life the length of your adult years, increased frequency and duration

R--Realistic expectations lets you plan for both people to realize their dreams over a lifetime together

R--Reinforcing your values, beliefs, and character daily on what's most important to you in life

I--Intimacy and vulnerabilty that frees you from your doubts

A--Active relationship built on life and resiliency skills

G--Generosity and gratitude to be fearless

E--Encouraging another person to fulfill their passions explodes your growth in learning humility and humbleness


E--Exciting adventures at each step in life with someone to cheer you on and back up

D--Devotion to lifting another person up, so they can scale mountains

U--Understanding what it is to stand side-by-side as equals through any storm

C--Caring about more than your self, your ego, and your pride

A--Amazing sex with deepening levels of intimacy, eroticism, and fantasies come to life

T--Trusting and giving love unconditionally teaches you the abundance that comes from sharing freely

I--Insatiable curiosity remains allowing you to keep the innocence children have of playing in Joy

O--Openness and honesty that allays all your fears

N--Non-ending supply of new things to try with a partner in crime

Life remains mysterious and safe, adventurous and secure, erotic and uplifting, thrilling and satiating, fulfilling and new. You also learn to ride the waves of change together, facing life head on with your swim buddy. At the same time you learn how critical it is to develop interests, loves, hobbies, friendships, and community groups outside of your marriage to stay energized and fulfilled. Divorce, co-dependency, fights--they don't exist when you tackle conflicts with the tools you learn in Marriage Education.

Sounds like good insurance right? Anybody and everybody benefits from marriage education. Whether you are just dating, looking to date, engaged, divorced, starting over, widowed, newly married, empty is NEVER too EARLY or too LATE to start!

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