5 Positive Ways To Be A Good Listener


5 Positive Ways To Be A Good Listener
Here are 5 ways to be a better listener in the next 5 minutes to have healthier relationships.

You can be a better listener in five minutes. Here are five listening skills that you can use right away—starting with your next conversation. The more you use these attentive listening skills, the better your relationships will become, because people will notice.

Becoming an assertive communicator is an acquired skill that is easy to do once you know how. The bottom line is everyone likes to be heard. This article is in response to readers and clients asking “what else” we can actively do to be better listeners.


The first 2 ways focus on your (nonverbal) body language that will convey to the speaker that you are engaged and focused on what they are saying. The next 2 ways give audible feedback to the talker that what they are saying makes sense to you, regardless if you agree or disagree with what they are saying. The last way lets you find out more information, before you form or speak your response or opinion. Being a good listener means that you allow the other person to speak their mind or express their feelings fully, before you respond or change the topic. Let’s get started!

1. Put Down What’s In Your Hand & Face the Speaker

If you are engaged in an activity, then you are busy. Instead: put down whatever is in your hand, place your hands in your lap, or rest your arms lightly on a chair or table. This type of body language gives off the message that you are ready to listen.

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