Depressed? Why You Should Skip The Meds & Masturbate Instead


Depressed? Why You Should Skip The Meds & Masturbate Instead
Depressed? There might be other options than antidepressants. More touch and sexual activity helps.

The other day I had the pleasure to make a recording for the Danish radio 24/7 along with a lovely and inspiring sexologist, Lene Alexander. Lene told me how she had gotten herself out of a depression by having 3-hour touch and sex sessions with herself inspired by the "Mother of Masturbation" Betty Dodson. Lene had literally touched and masturbated herself out of depression!

We discussed how interesting it is that neuroscience has identified several "happiness hormones" in connection with sexual activity including the "connectedness hormone" oxytocin and the hormone serotonin, that is used in antidepressant medicine — but never the less no one really informs about it. The questions ran wild in my mind.


  • What if ... the doctor could prescribe a workshop in self-pleasure and long lasting orgasms instead of year long intake of Prozac, when the dark clouds of depressions spread their long shadows over our lives.
  • What if … it were more legitimate to physically touch each other among friends and family and colleagues, without fearing the misconception that you are flirting or sexually harassing or trying to conquer the other.
  • What if… we perceived self-touch and masturbation as an integrated part of our general health.

What impact would it have on our relationships, to ourselves and to others, if we more often held hands with the people we hang out with or gave long lasting hugs instead of handshakes. And, of course, what influence does long kissing and caressing with a partner have on mental health. One thing is certain: The more we touch each other, the more "happy hormones" we produce. And the more profound pleasure that we experience — whether with ourselves or others — the more we produce the same hormones, that is in antidepressant medication.

In 2008, 33,320,000 Prozac prescriptions were dispenced in the US. A drug that is infamous for it's dampering effect on the libido. Is that really what we want? What do you prefer: Medication or masturbation? Perhaps it is time that we open our minds all together and embrace sexual activity with ourselves and others, together with the human touch, as an essential part of our health that we must give as much priority and attention as exercise, healthy diet and sleep.

Erogy, eroticism and energy merged is about using the sexual energy that we were all born with to unfold our full potential in life and work. The actual physical sexual act is not erogy — but in order to strengthen this immense life force that has both mental, spiritual and physical aspects, sexual activity with either ourselves and/or another is key. 

If you want to work with strengthening your erogy - feel free to contact me! 

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