Latex Allergy? Non-Latex Condom News That May Affect You


Latex Allergy? Non-Latex Condom News That May Affect You
A popular NonLatex condom has been replaced with a Latex condom, what you need to know to stay safe!

UPDATE (March 19, 2014):
At the end of this article, we have included the latest update on this issue.

At best, latex allergies are unpleasant. At worst, they're life-threatening.

When you have a sensitivity to latex, you may experience extremely unpleasant symptoms when exposed to latex condoms. These may include a burning sensation on any area of exposed skin, the sudden appearance of rash or hives, itching, blisters, -- you may even think you have a yeast infection. And, in very severe cases, even anaphylaxis, which can lead to death. 

The overwhelming majority of condoms are made of latex. 

Thus, for many, it's incredibly important to be well informed about the type of condom that they purchase. (For perspective, there are only five styles of non-latex condoms available for purchase in the United States. There are several hundred latex condoms.)

Durex Avanti condoms have been an exclusively NON-latex condom (made of Polyisoprene) for many years. Loyal users would eagerly state they are the best non-latex condom available.  

However, we have urgent news to share and it could save your life - or the life of someone you love.

Durex has now closed down their Polyisoprene production and began shipping Durex Avanti Bare as LATEX condoms!  Yes, same name - very different product.

What You Must Know to Stay Safe:

The Durex Avanti Latex box packaging is very similar to the previous Non-Latex version- this is a major packaging FAIL!

Please realize that most condom retailers are now selling boxes of this very popular condom, but they now contain the new LATEX condoms. And the change has been without fanfare. Frankly, we're astounded by the lack of concern surrounding sharing this critical information. Even more irresponsible are the sites calling it "non-allergenic" latex.  Buyer beware.

At Lucky Bloke, we will never carry the new Latex Durex Avanti condom.

After being available for 18 years (as a latex free option), we feel there is too high a likelihood of customer confusion surrounding this change. Particularly, with the similar packaging.

We take your safety seriously, and we will not put a single Lucky Bloke customer at risk by selling a LATEX condom, to a customer who has come to know Avanti as a SAFE NON-Latex option.

We will continue to carry all other available latex-free condom options.

Here is a great article outlining your non-latex options:

4 Effective Alternatives To Latex Condoms

UPDATE! March 19, 2014:

We'll readily admit that we were frustrated with Durex last year when they discontinued
their popular latex free condom: Avanti Bare, and then began selling LATEX condoms with the same name and incredibly similar packaging to the former non-latex version.

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