How Condoms Have Improved My Sex Life


How Condoms Have Improved My Sex Life
File this under: Things I Never Thought I'd Say: How Condoms Have Improved My Sex Life!

When Lucky Bloke announced Mission: Great Sex! and the call for Global Condom Reviews…well, of course, we responded. Who wouldn't want to try the top condoms from around the world for free? I mean it is all in the name of research, right? I had no idea how much condoms have changed and how changed my opinions would be. Believe me, I never thought I'd be writing this article.

As a woman in a long term, committed relationship, I thought my days of using condoms in the bedroom were far, far behind me. I was thrilled about it too, since condoms have always represented “responsibility” to me, and while responsibility is paramount, there wasn't anything sexy about it. Condoms were purely functional, and when my friends and I would share sex stories, not once did anyone utter anything to the effect of, “And the condom made it SO much better.” During my carefree, single girl about town years, when I did the walk of shame more times than I'd like to admit, I always carried a standard, cheap Trojan in the depths of my handbag because I was a good girl, damn it. Before things could get too hot, I'd demand he put it on, and I'd pray that he wouldn't be turned off by my request, since I'd long ago been told that “men hate condoms.”


Using a condom was something I had to do, simply because I could barely take care of a puppy at that time, let alone an actual, adorable human child and that whole pesky STD thing was hard to ignore.

To me, a condom was more than just a barrier between bodily fluids though. When my partner was wearing a condom, I felt a bit if I couldn't
completely “feel” him. If a condom was present, it meant that this was not someone I was serious about, and so I put up emotional and spiritual barriers of my own in an effort to avoid connecting any deeper, and quite honestly, to avoid getting hurt or feeling guilty about my actions. Who knew a little bit of latex could have such a profound, and quite depressing, effect on my sex life?

Well, it was depressing until I received a package in the mail from Lucky Bloke! Suddenly, everything I thought and felt about condoms changed. I couldn't believe how many types of different condoms there were, and my boyfriend and I had a great time just reading the labels and basically “ooohing” and “awwwing” as we spread them out over the dining room table. It felt like a Condom Christmas, and I had most definitely been a good girl. Still, in the back of my mind I wondered if all these brightly colored packages would end up going to waste because in our two years together, my boyfriend and I had never even used a condom, opting instead for other forms of birth control and monogamy. I thought that despite how intriguing the packaging was I didn't want a barrier between us, and I feared it would take some of the pleasure out of sex, especially for him.
But heck, we figured...might as well give one a try. In the name of research!

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