50 Things You Should Try For Hotter Sex

Confessions & Wisdom: Recovering From a Sex Drought


Confessions & Wisdom: Recovering From a Sex Drought
Lucky Bloke offers 7 tips for easing back into a fun, safe, and satisfying sex life.

Here at Lucky Bloke, we realize even the sexiest in all the land, may take a break

from getting lucky, and then need to get back into the swing of things. Often, this
can be a bit intimidating. From who will buy condoms to will I remember how to do this? –we understand, there is a lot to navigate.

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During one of our sexier missions (in Las Vegas, no surprise), we met Meghan Fitz. We can't thank her enough for being willing to share some very intimate details and perspective on transitioning from a sex drought to something more...

You guys, I have a confession to make.

My privates are lonely.

They bought a one-way ticket to Vibrator-ville awhile ago and I haven't know when they might be coming back. Let’s just say it’s been somewhere between 3 and 30 years since I’ve had sex. Anyone who tells you that having sex for the first time (after an extended drought) is like "riding a bike" is a deranged liar who should have their mouth duck taped. At least, that is my current opinion.

Recently, I found myself in a situation (with a pretty hot guy) where I really wanted to break my winning (losing?) streak, I totally panicked and it got weird.  Not to mention that ANY condom I might have had from my previous glory days has long since expired.

Now, I realize there are 7 super important things you need to consider before dipping your toe back into getting down with your boyfriend/guy you’re seeing/person you’re flirting with/however the kids say it these days.

1. Trust.
Yes, I know, It’s so tempting to jump in bed with any 8-pack that weasels his way into your place, but just don’t. Building trust first is going to help you navigate through all of the critical details that culminate with a very fun and sexy time!

2. Honesty.
You know what happens when you tell a guy that you’re a sexual acrobat that practically wrote an addendum to Kama Sutra? Well. He actually expects you to do crazy moves –and then you have to tell him that you can’t actually do the splits while hanging upside down in a car. In reality, all you can remember is which hole it goes into. So, ladies, be honest, and, if you’ve followed rule #1, your guy will take it at just the right speed for you.

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3. Creativity.
I mean, it’s like the world has changed so dramatically in the time that I’ve had sex that I feel like I’m stuck with a profile on MySpace and the rest of the world has moved on to Twitter. (I mean, sexually speaking, of course. I do actually have a Twitter!)

For someone like me who thinks that strawberry flavored glitter lube is the coolest thing and is obviously stuck in 2001, then you might need a little help in the sexy department.

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