Singles 365: 10 Epic Reasons To Date Someone New Every Day


Singles 365: 10 Epic Reasons To Date Someone New Every Day
Be single 24/7, 365!

Okay, let's get this over with quickly. It's not every day that you come across these many "excuses for success" all lined up like ducks in a row, ready and waiting for you to take advantage of them."How do you find love" can be uncertain. However, everyone gets a chance in finding a soulmate. On to business:

  • Reason #1: It allows you to apply the process of elimination to what could otherwise be a very tricky decision!
  • Reason #2: The more you date, the more attractive you become (to yourself, which is more important, anyway!)
  • Reason #3: The second date is entirely your choice, not your lot! There's freedom to choose.
  • Reason #4: It helps you analyze yourself in light of how others perceive you. The more others see in you, the more you see about yourself.
  • Reason #5: You can redirect the 'not for me's' to your friends and make a great match...or even find a valuable friend, yourself.
  • Reason #6: It's a great way to have fun with another person without the ties and commitments that go with more "familiar" relationships.
  • Reason #7: The freedom to date new people opens up your horizons like nothing else and takes off nearly all the pressure involved in the 'finding a soulmate' process.
  • Reason #8: The experience you gain meeting new people will bestow all sorts of social skills that will help you interact more effectively with family, friends and colleagues.
  • Reason #9: Your 'open' spirit is a sign for the Universe that you are ready to take on anything it can offer...and it WILL offer you what you wanted all along!
  • Reason #10: It helps you re-invent yourself each time, with no worries about preconceptions or prior notions and opinions about you.

These are 10 solid reasons for dating someone new every day. That doesn't mean you HAVE to have 365 new dates lined up for the year. It merely means you have to open yourself to possibilities and trust the Universe to deliver on the Law of Attraction for Love for you. The only thing you need to do is to let your inner guidance kick in and give you all the advice you'll ever need.

Learn to live. Learn to love. The Universe WILL conspire to make you succeed.

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