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Create the Wedding You Want Part 2: How To Save Money

When I tell people we are having three weddings, the first thing most of them say is "That is so expensive!" Most people think of weddings requiring a big budget in order to be a good party. These days, more than just a meal, dancing and cake is expected. There are cocktail hours and dessert bars, ...

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10 Tips To Create The Wedding You Want

It's wedding season. I turn on the TV, and I am asked to Say Yes To The Dress or to rate Four Weddings. Each programme tells at least a few stories about couples who are trying to create a wedding that celebrates their unique relationship. I find myself watching because I am getting married too. I watch the ...

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5 Signs That Your Spouse May Be Contemplating Suicide

Though it was fairly common knowledge that Andrew Stern and his wife Katie Cleary had separated, it was reported to be a very amicable separation, and many people were surprised to read that he had committed suicide. It shouldn't have been that much of a surprise, however: separation is one of the highest ...

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'Am I Truly, Totally In Love?'

Love... it's grand, isn't it? But what's love if it isn't the real deal? Many people think that real love is unconditional — that is, limitless. We spoke with relationship experts Karen Anderson ...

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Articles by Dr Lori Bisbey
Weddings: Creating The Wedding You Want With The Budget You Have

Create the Wedding You Want Part 2: How To Save Money

You can create the wedding you want without spending your pension! Here are some ways to do it!

Young Newlyweds

10 Tips To Create The Wedding You Want

Have a wedding you and your loved ones will all enjoy.


5 Signs That Your Spouse May Be Contemplating Suicide

Suicide of a partner is devastating, particularly in times of relationship trouble.

Relationship Coach: How To Know If You Have Unconditional Love

'Am I Truly, Totally In Love?'

Have you accepted limitless love into your life? Celebrate it!

Dr Lori Bisbey

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