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Yes, Chivalry Is Dead. But Who Killed It?

I can't tell you how many seminars and workshops I attend where the topic of chivalry in dating comes up. Usually, women complain there are no chivalrous men anymore and that chivalry is dead. Men counter back and say if chivalry is dead, you killed it! Back and forth we go as the battle of the sexes heats ...

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How To Maintain Your "Femme Fatale" While In Uniform

Men have long thought women in uniform to be sexy especially with the possibility of her toting a gun on her side (think Mr. and Mrs. Smith!). Even the idea of her giving orders in an authoritarian way can present images to them of what she's like in the bedroom! However, many women that I have spoken to are ...

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Long Hair, Don't Care…Think Again!

Who could ever forget the actress Keri Russell (aka Felicity) and those lovely, long curly tresses as she played a "doey-eyed" freshman in college in the TV series "Felicity?" People didn't just fall in love with her child-like innocence about love all while balancing the transition ...

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Should You Quit Your Job To Find Love?

Let's face it. You're single, over 35 and yearn to have a family of your own someday. You start to feel guilty. You've worked so hard in college to get a top notch career, only to find that this life isn't quite what you wanted. You're lonely and the career doesn't quite meet that need. ...

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What Is 'Mate Guarding' & Is It Good For Your Relationship

I love my sweetheart but he gets very protective of me with the prospect of other “sperm” nearby.  I see him turn into one of those apes in the jungle beating his chest whenever his woman is being hunted by another male.  To make matters worse, he has very intense eyes like an alpha male ...

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Relationship Coach: Guys, Can We Bring Back Chivalry?

Yes, Chivalry Is Dead. But Who Killed It?

For opening doors, killing the creepy, crawly spiders, protecting us...we say thank you!

Flirty Talk

How To Maintain Your "Femme Fatale" While In Uniform

Men love women in uniform...but not if she looks like a dude in it!

Single Mom

Long Hair, Don't Care…Think Again!

Is the length of your hair keeping you single?


Should You Quit Your Job To Find Love?

When you want more out of life than a corner office.

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