Newly Single, Party of One: How to reinvent yourself after a breakup


Newly Single, Party of One: How to reinvent yourself after a breakup

No longer confined or constrained in a relationship with Mr. Wrong, you’re now free to reinvent any and all areas of your life that no longer work for you. They include:

Your Career
With the pain of your breakup behind you and your healing heart on the mend, you now have the good fortune of time, space, and energy to devote to professional pursuits. Want to land a promotion? Put some of your savvy skills to good use, taking the lead on highly visible projects, sharing new ideas and solutions with your boss and/or team, and approaching your daily work life with renewed enthusiasm. Chances are your efforts will be noticed and eventually pay off! And if you work for yourself, now’s the time to rock your business by scoring a new client, educating yourself on your competitors and how you can provide added value, or launching a brand-new entrepreneurial endeavor. At this unique time in your life, the sky’s the limit when it comes to exploring exciting professional opportunities you may not have had the time or energy for during your last relationship.

Your Social Life
Now that you’re footloose and fancy free, how do you want to reinvent your social life? While it’s true that you may spend the occasional Saturday night alone now that you’re single, your social life shouldn’t have to suffer just because your ex is no longer in the picture. What fab and fun activities do you want to incorporate into your routine? If you’ve got single friends, take turns organizing fun activities on the weekends including going out dancing, renting movies and staying in, attending singles events, and putting yourself in target rich environments on a regular basis.

If you’re the only single person in your social circle, now’s the time to expand your horizons. Attend networking events, volunteer opportunities, or community activities where you can meet like minded people, hopefully some of whom will be single. And no, you don’t have to give up your happily hooked up friends. You can still enjoy their company. But if your only social interaction outside of work is surrounded by people who haven’t been single in years, and whose conversations center around birthday parties with jumpy castles, who gave who the chicken pox, and who’s kid just did something amazing, you may start feeling like an outcast.

That’s why you’ve got to find some soul sisters who are single. It’s important to have a social circle who gets what you’re going through and can celebrate your triumphs (getting hit on by that cutie you always see at Starbucks, that fantastic Friday night makeout session with Mr. Next, and finding the perfect third date outfit) as well as commiserate over the occasional singles setback (your crush not returning your last call, the internet date gone awry, finding your ex on Facebook with photos of the new girl in his life, etc.).

Your Home
They say every man’s home is his castle. As the Queen of your Castle, how do you want to reinvent your home now that you’re footloose and fancy free? If you and your ex lived together and you’re now reinventing yourself and your once-shared space, it’s essential that you give your home a much-needed makeover. Paint the walls vibrant colors. Get new furniture.

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