How to Meet Your Husband in 2012


How to Meet Your Husband in 2012
Be honest. Did your New Year’s resolutions for 2012 include “I want to meet my husband"?
Be honest. Do your New Year’s resolutions for 2012 include “I want to meet my husband"?
Then keep reading. It’s time to set the scene so you can purposefully and powerfully manifest Mr. Right.


First, let’s clarify your REAL resolution. The truth is, I don’t think what you REALLY want is to be married. I believe what you ultimately want – what most single women want – is to find YOUR beautiful, blissful, unique happily ever after story. You want to fall madly in love with Mr. Right. And vice versa.


Why wouldn’t you want that?

Every person on the planet deserves to find healthy and happy love with their perfect partner. There’s just one problem. A lot of single women don’t have all the tools they need to get love right. You may not have all the tools you need to get love right.

I know I didn’t when I was single. Once upon a time, I repeatedly got love WRONG. I chose the wrong men. I didn’t know my own needs, let alone how to communicate my own needs to my partner. I let my emotional baggage rule my relationships. And as a result, my relationships suffered under the tremendous weight of my baggage.

I wasn’t the only one coming to the relationship with unhealthy habits, beliefs, and patterns. My partners weren’t exactly poster children for healthy and happy men. And why would they be? If like attracts like — and it does — I was always attracting my emotional equal. Ay-ay-ay!

You will, too. And that’s why it’s essential to get as healthy and happy with yourself and your own life before becoming somebody’s wife. Before settling down with someone, you’ll want to make peace with yourself, your issues, and any baggage you haven’t already healed. The truth is, nobody can fix you, save you, rescue you, or heal you. That is, no one but Y-O-U.

So if you’re stuck in a fantasy that Prince Charming is going to come along and save you from your so-so life, do yourself a huge favor and rescue yourself this year. How do you rescue yourself? Start by following these 5 basic steps, starting today:

Step #1: Identify What or Who is Holding You Back

Whether you think your ex was The One, if your dysfunctional family has you running away from getting close to others, or if your beliefs about love have somehow shut you down to the possibility of ever finding it again, keep reading. The first step in opening up to healthy and happy love in 2012 is to identify who and/or what is holding you back from manifesting Mr. Right.

The truth is, your past may be keeping you stuck in ALL areas of your life. To get un-stuck, now’s the time to name and claim your obstacles in order to deal and heal. This may be a step that requires professional help. Enlist the assistance of a therapist, coach, mentor, or friend to work with you through the breaking free process.

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