How To Shake Off The Disappointments Of Dating Fatigue


Dating Fails: Falling Off The Dating Bike? Get Back On!
Shift your energy to renew and refresh your dating life.

Dating can be fun but it can also have disappointment or fatigue associated with it. With enough dating, eventually you may find yourself disappointed. He may have stopped calling and evaporated into thin air. You may have found yourself falling for someone only to be told that he found someone else. You might find a deal breaker issue after you had really started to like him. Or you may feel burned out and tired by dating.

One moment you are flying high with hope and excitement, and the next minute you are wondering what happened and why you are still single. Before you dive into the dumps or suffer a blow to your self-esteem, realize that you have to sort through a lot of prospects to find "the one". You must practice patience and exercise determination to persevere and keep your spirits and energy up.

Here are 12 suggestions to shake off dating disappointment or fatigue when it occurs:

  1. Clean and organize. Clean your house or apartment, rearrange furniture, artwork and objects you display. Tidy up and give your home a fresh look.
  2. Sort through closets and storage spaces. Get rid of stuff you no longer use or enjoy including clothes that no longer fit or look good on you.
  3. Go shopping. Buy some new clothes that fit well and new, bright colors. Find a new fragrance, lip stick or accessory. It will make you feel great. 
  4. Buy yourself fresh flowers. Place flowers on your table or desk to add beauty to your surroundings.
  5. Go to a movie, play or comedy club. Pick something funny or upbeat to get some laughs. Invite your best friend to join you. 
  6. Exercise. Try a new class or give yourself a hard workout of your favorite kind.
  7. Read a book. Browse a bookstore and start reading a new, good novel.
  8. See your friends. Make plans for a dinner party or outing with fun friends.
  9. Plan a trip or weekend get-away. Change your scenery and visit some place new or a favorite spot you haven't seen in awhile.
  10. Go out to eat. Find a new restaurant or try a different kind of food than you usually eat.
  11. Dance. Go dancing with friends or take a dance class.
  12. Break up your usual routine. Drive a different route, go to a different coffee shop, walk around a neighborhood you rarely visit, or go to a different grocery store.

All these suggestions shift your energy. Also remember that you might need to reclaim your power. You may have given your power to someone who hardly knew you. You may have allowed a man you just met to stimulate strong emotions or feelings of attachment when he might not have been the right guy for you. In the big picture, it might be for the best that the relationship stopped, and you will see that with time, space and perspective.

You will get out of any funk of dating disappointment or fatigue more quickly when you move your body or stimulate your mind. Just keep repeating any or all of these ideas until you feel better and are refreshed enough to once again jump into new dating possibilities.That great guy might be the next one you meet or you might find him while doing these different activities. Rest and regroup as long as you need to do so, then go jump into the dating game again. Some guy is looking for you too!

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