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If you're a man over 50 and feel a little clueless about how to date single women in your age bracket, you're not alone — dating and finding love after 50 can be intimidating and nerve-wrecking. If you're already in a relationship that has gone flat, there is hope that it can be revived. Many men believe women are complex and find it difficult to understand how to please them. While some women are complicated (and some men are, too!), most are just longing for some affection, love and attention.

So what's to know? First, many women over 50 are exhausted. She may be a single mother or trying to do it all with career, motherhood and other responsibilities. She may also be recovering from a broken heart and recently divorced. Think of women over 50 as having a low battery that needs recharged. Here are 10 tips to helping her refresh and live a vibrant life with you! Whether you're dating or married, any woman would love to receive these small tokens of affection.


1. Fix something broken in her home.
Most likely there is something in her home that she has not been able to get repaired. Ask if everything is working, and if she mentions something that's broken or needs attention, either fix it for her or arrange to have it done for her.

2. Send her a card.
Women enjoy finding something in their mailbox besides bills to pay. Discovering a surprise card from you will make her day and will most likely sit on her desk or counter as a reminder of you.

3. Find out her favorite coffee or tea.
Ask her exactly the way she takes it and surprise her by bringing her a cup one day — or a package of it that she can brew on her own. For a bonus, give her a mug to use with it so that she thinks of you when she sips from it.

4. Make her a meal.
Find out some of her favorite food items and then invite her over for a home cooked meal. Give her a glass of wine to enjoy as you cook it or complete the finishing touches. Don't let her lift a finger to prepare it or clean up afterwards. Add a little romance by lighting a candle and having music she likes playing in the background.

5. Take her out to dinner to her favorite restaurant.
Find a restaurant that serves her favorite food. Take total charge of the evening by making a reservation, picking her up, selecting the wine and picking up the tab. Listen to her share her day or tell a story as if it was the only thing that mattered to you. Avoid the temptation to fix a problem she discusses. She just wants someone to listen!

6. Find out her favorite flowers or her favorite color.
Have flowers delivered to her home or office for no reason other than you enjoy her, were thinking of her and wanted to wish her a good day.

7. Find out where she carries her tension.
Tension is often found in the muscles of the neck or shoulders. When you see her, massage that spot for a while. If money allows, arrange for her to have a professional massage or better yet, set up a pre-paid monthly massage package for her to enjoy.

8. Ask her about her favorite books.
Read it, then talk about it with her. Repeat with a new book if she enjoyed talking with you about the first one.

9. Surprise her with a drive to a scenic area and have a picnic.
Enjoy the beauty of the area while providing some of her favorite foods to eat. If you both like to bicycle, that's a great way to spend the afternoon, too.

10. Leave a little love note in her home where she will find it.
Make this a regular practice! It'll be a fun surprise for her to discover notes every time you leave.

Women crave thoughtfulness, and these gestures provide it in a big, big way. If you are consistent with the ones that work well and that resonate with her, you will find her appreciative and devoted to you.

One final word of caution: do not stop doing these tips over time because you think you have won her heart. You will only keep her heart if you practice these loving gestures consistently over the years, so she can count on you to continue them forever. Devoting yourself to these simple ideas is not just for her. Your level of enjoyment in the relationship will be significantly increased, and you will soon realize that keeping a woman's battery charged is the best investment you can make in a long and satisfying relationship.

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