How to Take a Good Dating Profile Photo


How to Take a Good Dating Profile Photo
If a picture is worth a thousand words, on a dating site, it's like ten thousand.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a profile picture is worth at least ten thousand. Profile pictures for online dating sites are a big deal, whether you like it or not. On most sites, it goes beyond just the profile picture. A lot of sites offer an opportunity to post other pictures too. So, for the photo-phobic it can feel like a lot of pressure. The right profile picture will get you noticed. The wrong profile picture will get attention too, but not the kind you want. The good news is this, getting the right profile picture isn’t about looking like a model. In fact shots that look too made up don’t work. Getting the right shot is about presenting yourself in the best light, literally.

So how do you get the right shot or shots??? Let’s start with the don’ts.


1. Do not use any pictures where you have cropped someone out. I know that picture of you and your ex was the best picture of you ever taken, but don’t do it. Even if it’s not your ex, people will assume it is. So, do not crop photos. It’s tacky.

2. Do not use glamour shots. You know the pictures where you go someplace, get all dolled up with hair, makeup, and a boa and for $39.00 they give you photos that actually look nothing like you. Feel free to get that done if you like, but don’t put them on your dating profile. Here’s the deal, guys know that photo doesn’t look like you and when they see that’s the picture you posted, it makes them nervous.

3. Do not use a picture that is older then six months old. My sister just sent me some pictures of me about four years old. I am looking really good, but frankly I don’t look like I do now. Even if you are honest about the picture being dated, viewers are going to be suspicious of about why. Everyone has heard the nightmare tale of getting a first date and not recognizing the person who shows up. Don’t be that person.


Now onto the important stuff. These are the top ten things TO DO with your profile photos.

1. If you can’t afford professional photos that’s ok. Get someone who loves you to take pictures of you. Digital photography is a God send. A professional photographer literally takes hundreds of shots to get a small hand full of winners. With digital photography you can do that too. Take lots, pick carefully, use the best as the actual profile photo.

2. Look great in your photos, but don’t look like someone else. This means, if you’re an outdoor kind of person, formal wear won’t be your best choice. You want the person who’s going to be compatible with you to be attracted to your picture, so make sure the real you shines through.

3. Dress appropriately. Ladies, this means keep the cleavage to a minimum in all your photos posted on your profile. Just assume the person looking at your pictures might show them to their Mama. This does not mean be matronly. It means be classy and sophisticated over flirty and sexy.

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