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I Had a Dream


I’ve always had this weird, kinetic gift where my dreams are psychic and can tell me about the future. For years before 9/11, I dreamed about planes going into the World Trade Center and I was trapped in the building as it fell around me (I never was in the WTC on 9/11, just only in my dreams). I dreamed about my father having a heart attack and 6 months later he had one, despite my warnings to him that it was coming.  I had a dream that I won the lottery and spent days at Nordstrom just picking out anything I wanted. Okay, that one didn’t come true, and many of them don’t, but there is one dream that did. And it applies to you.

This dream was so powerful that I woke up crying and I raced to my desk to journal every detail of it. The night I fell asleep into that dream I was feeling so helpless and exhausted. My children were misbehaving all day, and all I wanted was someone to take care of me for once. My relationship with God was a bit rusty and didn’t even how to ask for help – but I gave it a shot and said aloud – “God, why is this so hard? When will this all be over? Can you please show me a sign that things will get better?”

And I got nothing.

But that night, in my dream, I was invited to a party at this beautiful home.  Upon approaching the door I heard laughter and music and I couldn’t wait to go inside. The doors opened and there I found everyone who had died in my life – my dear mother, my grandmother, my uncle, and my great grandmother. They were having a ball! They were showing slide shows of their childhood, drinking wine, and hugging and kissing each other.  I have never felt such love in a room in all my awakened years.

Each of them approached me and said, “Everything is going to be all right, Lindsey. It’s all here for a purpose.”  I asked them if this is what heaven is like, but I never really got an answer. It was just assumed that I should know that.

Then I was in a car, driving with my mother alongside a field of sunflowers. I wanted to ask her so many things – she died when I was 6 so I never really knew her.  But she drove the car and just smiled and we didn’t speak at all. She just gave me this energetic reassurance that I will soon find peace.

I didn’t want the dream to end – it was so incredibly beautiful.

I wonder if I died that night, just for a moment. Or perhaps God was just showing me a glimpse of beauty that lies beyond our pain.

Just a year later I found peace. And now, I wonder if I had that dream so that I can share it with you. So I will say it to all of you – Everything is going to be all right. Everything you are going through today, what happened to you yesterday, and what’s going to happen tomorrow – it’s all there for a reason, even though you can’t see why yet!

(Now… if only that Lotto ticket would come true, I’d be golden!)


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