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Top Ten Myths About Obese Women

Okay, I'm really sick of hearing people talk about, if so and so knew what she was doing to her health, she would just stop eating and start exercising, or why can't so and so stop eating, or so and so is setting such a bad example for her children.  Let's set the record straight. Here are ...

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Why Do We Really Diet?

Think about it, when do you start a diet?  Usually it’s after you’ve had a particularly bad day or week or month or you’ve seen a photo of yourself that you don’t like or someone makes a comment about your weight, or you’ve gone clothes shopping and things don’t fit the ...

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An Open Letter To My Teenage Self

I have been noticing a lot recently that several posts from my eating disorder recovery blog are linked up to the tumblrs of teenage girls who are feeling depressed, lonely and helpless. If you've linked to me, I've probably read your tumblr. And every time ...

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How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Often people find themselves in a loop of dieting, then overeating, then recommitting to a diet only to never find peace with their bodies or with food. But the very best way to find your body's sweet spot is to stop dieting and integrate mindful eating. Your body doesn't want to be unnaturally ...

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Girlfriend Has An Eating Disorder? Here's How You Can Help

After about six months of seeing Michael and Claudia for couples counseling, Michael called me up crying, "She won't stop, no matter what I do, I can't get her to stop, she's going to die! Please help me, how can I get her to stop? " Michael and Claudia, both 35 years old with two children ...

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Before & After Diet

Top Ten Myths About Obese Women

It's time to uncover these myths and dismiss the ignorance.

Before & After Diet

Why Do We Really Diet?

The obvious answer is “to lose weight.” But is that really, really true? I don’t think it is.


An Open Letter To My Teenage Self

If I could travel back in time to help out my teenage girl self, here's the advice I'd give her...

Woman Weighing Herself

How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

10 Steps to integrating mindful eating- find peace, calmness and sanity around food and in your body

man comforting woman

Girlfriend Has An Eating Disorder? Here's How You Can Help

You can't fix your partner but here's what you can do to support them in a time of need.

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