Men: Do You Want Sex More Than She Does?


Men: Do You Want Sex More Than She Does?
Three things you can do to turn things around

You’re reading this because you’re fed up, and need some ideas for how to get more physical intimacy into your relationship. This leaves you, the man, frustrated – not just physically, but emotionally as well; you feel far away from her, and unloved. If you’re willing to read further, I have some ideas you can try that very well might turn things around for you. But first – why doesn’t she want sex as much as you do?
You might be asking: should we even bother with why? It’s so cliché, but still so true – women generally want sex less than their men. Now, this in no means suggests that the man cannot be the partner with less desire; in fact, the cases I’ve seen where this is the situation are particularly devastating to the woman. But typically, it’s the man who wants more sex than the woman.
So let’s look at why for a minute – mostly because the why certainly is important to the woman, and because of this should be important to you too.

As I see it, there are three main reasons why a woman may not want to have sex with her man:


1. She’s angry or resentful.
2. She’s exhausted.
3. She’s not feeling it.

Number one: she is angry or resentful. Actually, this is a good first step in general for all of you gentlemen: ask your partner if you’ve done something to tick her off recently. Though you may get an earful, you might also get more sex…eventually. (This also depends on how you handle her honest response. If you are defensive and argumentative and try to rationalize that you really were NOT a jerk, you’ve just distanced yourself farther from her and from the possibility of having any form of sex with her.)

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