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Divorce Recovery Coach, Life Coach

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Coaching for a Fearless Life Before, During and After Divorce

About Laura Miolla

Divorce is a playground for all your most powerful saboteurs – failure, fear, panic, betrayal, self-doubt, anger, despair, hopelessness and regret. And none of these negative emotions will serve you in the divorce process. You need to get off the emotional rollercoaster, so that you can increase your chances of getting what you want.

Moxie is Me. Moxie means “an attitude of fearlessness in everyday circumstances.”  MoxieLife Separation and Divorce Coaching gives you the clarity and confidence you need to fearlessly transform your life before, during and after divorce.

Your attorney can give you guidance around the legal process, but every minute you spend venting to him/her about your situation is money down the drain. Rely on me, as your divorce coach, to help you silence your saboteurs, gain clarity around what is most important to you, create a powerful future vision for yourself, manage your divorce attorney and save money. You need help cutting through the divorce fog. You need help getting “unstuck.” You don’t have to do this alone.

I’ve been where you are. I know how it feels. And I focused my entire coaching practice on divorce to make sure that you get what you want in this process.

Work with me -- to make better decisions for yourself and your children.
Work with me -- to achieve better outcomes in your divorce.
Work with me -- to save money in your divorce.

Contact me to schedule your free, 60-minute confidential consultation to experience how coaching can change your divorce, change your life.

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