The Number One Mistake that Leads to Breakup or Divorce


The Number One Mistake that Leads to Breakup or Divorce
Most people give up or leave angry and hurt when their desires aren't met. There's a better solution

The most destructive and most common challenge I hear from my clients is when their partners don't exhibit the same level of desire for each other. It's always one of the following two conversations:

She's too needy.

He wants to do everything with me and it's suffocating. 

I feel like I can never satisfy her.

I love him but I also need my own life and I feel guilty because I'm never enough for him.

With these men and women, their response is to pull away because the energy from their partner is suffocating. They feel trapped and unable to make their own decisions. Life feels out of control, and going with the flow doesn't work either.

The other conversations sound like these:

All I want to do is hold him and be close and he keeps moving away.

She clearly doesn't want me as much as I want her.

How can he possibly not desire me as much as I do him when we just had the most amazing time together?

She says she loves me but seems to be interested in everyone else but me.

When we are out with friends I feel like I don't exist.

This person feels confused, neglected, unloved and undesired and finds themself constantly asking,  "Am I fooling myself?" or "Why am I here?" Keep reading...

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