Mirror, Mirror: What Gay Men Can Learn From Snow White


Mirror, Mirror: What Gay Men Can Learn From Snow White [EXPERT]
7 things that Snow White can teach gay men about relationships!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? "Pick me, pick me pick me!" Don't all of us wish it could be us?

Mirror Mirror, the new movie starring Julia Roberts as the evil queen step-mother, re-tells the fairy tale story of Snow White. The characters in Snow White, like all fairy tales, represent the internal struggle that we all work with as we mature and try to evolve to higher levels of emotional, psychological and spiritual attainment. Fairy tale characters represent the various energetic or archetypal personalities that each of us embodies in our personal and collective consciousness. Men Sick Of Women's Fairytale Fantasies


When we are willing to look at and understand how these various archetypal energies affect our decision making about relationships, we can teach ourselves to do a better job of choosing relationship partners and do a lot to improve our existing relationships. For the gay community, this is particularly important since as a group, gay men tend to choose relationship partners based on the belief that "once I find my prince, true love will be mine!" Since most gay men don't understand how these archetypal energies play out in their personal lives, they find themselves in dysfunctional and failed relationships over and over again. 8 Things Straight People Could Learn From Gays & Lesbians

Julia Roberts—as the wicked step-mother—represents the internalized negative self-image that all of us carry around in our minds. The evil queen asks her magic mirror to assure her that she is the most beautiful woman in the land. How many of us spend much of our day trying to get others to assure us that we are good enough? How many gay men spend hours at the gym sculpting their bodies, make sure their home, their car, their clothes, their hair, etc. are absolutely fabulous so they can get compliments and reassurance from others that they are desirable and lovable?

Snow White, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood have in common the absence of an effective father figure. Snow White's father doesn't protect her from the machinations of the evil step-mother. Little Red Riding Hood's father is a dolt and Cinderella's father is dead or completely absent from her life. Human development from childhood to mature adulthood requires role models that exude healthy masculine energy. The gender of this person isn't important; it's how they manifest energetically that makes the good role model. 5 Reasons Gay Men Have Bigger Balls Than Straight Men

Due to the absence of her father, the heroine can't make good decisions about other men who come into her life until the Seven Dwarfs enter her life and initially fulfill this function. They provide her with a home, a purpose and instruct her on how to keep herself safe. Yet even with those instructions, she still lets the evil step-mother in disguise enter her safe space and threaten her 3 times...the third with the poison apple.

This article was originally published at gaymendenver.com. Reprinted with permission.
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