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Articles by Ms. Kristina Marchant
Couple In Love

He Relishes Your Attention But Could He Ever Love You?

Is he using you or just cautious and slow to come around?

Dating Coach: How To Tell If He's Emotionally Unavailable

How To Spot & Release Emotionally Unavailable Men

There are plenty of great, secure men out there: don't settle for an emotionally unavailable one.

Relationship Expert: How To Get Your Man To Propose

Angling For A Proposal? Here's How To Reel Him In

Lead from your feminine energy, surrender control, and watch him go from unsure to down on one knee.

Trouble In Paradise

How To Act When He Needs Space

His space is an opportunity for you to refocus your life back on your dreams and passions.

Online Dating Advice: Are Men Attracted To Cheaters?

An Online Dating Study Asks: Are Men Attracted To Cheaters?

Just because a study claims men are attracted to cheaters doesn't mean they're prone to infidelity.

Ms. Kristina Marchant

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