Are You Too Intimidating For Love?


Are You Too Intimidating For Love?
People will admire us for having our act together, but loves comes when they can see our flaws.

So, I had a first love. I am guessing at some point we all do.



Today isn’t about the magic of that first love or those slow/fast moments in the beginning, when I was so excited and crazy about someone that I felt like I was sick to my stomach pretty much the whole time.   Or when I couldn’t concentrate on the movie just because he was so close, so then there was a slew of movies I had to rewatch at a later time because I didn’t remember anything about them.  Or the moments that unfold when you sit there and realize that someone else really, really gets you and more importantly, wants to take the time to try.   But that is not what it is about, that was really just for me.

It is about what happens a few years later when you re-connect.  When you both have grown up a little, been hurt a few more times and realize that you still have all of these emotions, crazy chemistry and ridiculous curiosity in knowing and understanding each other.  And then you think….now what?

Man, that stuff? The absolutely delicious, wildly exciting, questionably crazy emotions that come along with chemistry, passion and lust is the easy stuff.  Even love can come easy.  But, as I will point out again and again on TL, it is the relationships that get tricky.  Showing our real selves to another person is probably the scariest thing you can do.  Here is my story of the day that is basically me, vomiting my past in a post, in hopes that you can take something away from it.  You’re welcome.

Let me share something about myself.  I am a pretty strong woman.  You know the one who gets called that nasty word INTIMIDATING pretty often.  I can hold my end of virtually any conversation that doesn’t involve some advanced talk of math or science.  I can make most people laugh pretty easily. I have had cool ass jobs (hello…dating coach?).  I have seen more of the world than most people will ever see and have just gotten started.  I can change the tire on my car, cook a 5-course gourmet meal, design a website and then drop a conversation on how social media is effecting society, dating and small business like nothin’.

So when my first love came back into my life I was on top of the world.  I had started reconnecting with him from Italy (didn’t I sound super fancy there?) while I was working on cruise ships and the conversations became more frequent when I moved back to Madison and in with my best friend.  As we started to connect more, I was excited and nervous about this possibility but also really aware of the heartbreak that came the first time around.  Although he was physically half way across the country we started talking daily, sharing our lives, hopes and dreams together.  It didn’t take long until talking to him became the best part of my day.

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