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Women dealing with work related stress
Women starting over
Women seeking spiritual guidance

Women dealing with work related stress

Understand Others Better & Adapt To Circumstances More Readily

"I was looking for two things before I began 6 months of coaching with Kelly; I needed some clarity on why I was struggling to understand an issue I was having with a friend and boss.  I also knew that…

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Women starting over

Greater Clarity & Confidence In Myself

I began internet business coaching with Kelly because I wanted to create my website, community and music workshops for parents with ADHD teenagers and the ADHD teenagers themselves and create an income from doing this.

I didn't feel confident or worthy…

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Women seeking spiritual guidance

Healing Past Emotions & Creating My Bright Future

“Learning how I can create my own future instead of wondering and worrying what it holds was one of the most liberating, empowering experiences of my life.

I was able to get a clear picture of what lies ahead before…

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Now I Feel Empowered, Happy & Aligned With My Purpose

"I began my 12 months of coaching with Kelly to learn how to create and maintain a website that makes money. I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with the process of having to go to a web designer for my…

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Make Incredible Progress & Break Through Barriers

"Kelly is one of the most inspirational women I have had the privilege to work with. She talks the talk and walks the walk by living an empowered and joyful life you want and a life you deserve. She excels…

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A True Professional & An Excellent Coach

“Kelly is a true professional and an excellent coach. Kelly facilitates excellent results with her clients in a personable and targeted way. Kelly is highly committed to the profession of coaching as is passionate about taking people from where they…

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Knowledgeable, Skilled, Helpful, Caring & An Excellent Coach

“I have worked with Kelly for the past 2 years as a Coach for Click And Be Free and the Ultimate Internet Bootcamp. Kelly is knowledgeable, skilled, helpful, caring and an excellent Coach. As all the best Coaches do, she…

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An Extraordinary Source Of Enthusiasm, Leadership & Camaraderie

“I know Kelly Rudolph as an extraordinary source of enthusiasm, leadership and camaraderie. I've had the pleasure of working with her many times and appreciate her gift for coaching and creating community. She approaches all tasks with a great attitude…

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Shines A Light On Your Strengths & Empowers You With Clarity

“Are you wanting to stretch your comfort zone? Tired of not achieving the results in your business or life that you desire? For nearly two years I have had the privilege of being a Click and Be Free Coaching peer…

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If You Want Results - Hire Her!

“My experience with Kelly has always been very empowering. She is an excellent coach with integrity and consistency. I have found Kelly to be a supportive team player and her passion to help others is very inspiring. If you want…

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She Is A Great Asset & Team Player

“Kelly is a driven, decisive, friendly and happy person. We've traveled the world together working with Click and Be Free and she maintained a whatever it takes attitude through the fun times, and more importantly the not-so-fun times. I'd trust…

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Her Positive Energy Is Captivating

“I've never seen anyone with more determination or perseverance then Kelly and her positive energy is captivating. Kelly is what I call a seed planter for women in positive growth, positive influences and positive lifestyles. I highly recommend her work,…

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Kelly Walks Her Talk

“The moment I met Kelly I could tell that she was a woman who knew what she wanted out of life and that she knew how to set up a plan of action to achieve it. As your Life Coach…

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Kelly Is A No-Nonsense, Goal Oriented, Results Driven Coach

“Kelly is a no-nonsense, goal oriented, results driven coach. She is always well prepared and anticipates our needs at every session. Her Internet Marketing expertise coupled with her PWRful Results Coach strategies make her an exceptional coach for us at…

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Kelly Brings Out The Best In Everyone She Works With

“Kelly brings out the best in everyone she works with. I feel lucky and privileged to have had the opportunity to be coached by such an remarkable person. Thank you Kelly for all your help.”

Les M, Utah

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I Feel So Blessed That She Is My Coach

“I don't even want to imagine what my website or my internet business what have been like if Kelly Rudolph hadn't been my coach! I love every coaching call with Kelly and made huge leaps, not only for my website,…

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I Recommend Her To Anyone Who Is Committed To Their Own Success

“Kelly is the one you want to coach you if you want results and are ready to do the work. She is a no nonsense coach and will expect great things of you and will support your efforts to get…

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An Excellent Coach With High Integrity

“Kelly is an enthusiastic and supportive coach who consistently offers practical and pertinent feedback based on deep knowledge and experience in her field. An excellent coach with high integrity who is constantly updating her set of skills. I'd recommend her…

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A Very Personable & Focused Coach

“Kelly is a very personable and focused coach. I was very fortunate to have her as a coach for the Ultimate Internet Boot Camp program for a year. Kelly always went the extra mile by having a wealth of information…

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Always Punctual & Keeps Commitments

“Kelly was my technology coach. When I started with Kelly I could barely copy and paste. Since then I have built a website and have gained skills I had no idea even existed when we started to work together. Kelly…

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A Coach That Helps A Person Excel To A Higher Level

“Kelly is a coach that helps a person excel to a higher level. She has excellent resources to help facilitate a person to an expertise level. She is always willing to share."

Cheryl H, Utah

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High Integrity, Very Creative & Very Likable

“Kelly Rudolph is my personal coach for UIBC! I highly recommend her to everybody! She has very high integrity, is creative and very likable. She does absolutely awesome videos that explain step by step in a way that you can…

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I Highly Recommend Working With Kelly

“I recently had the opportunity to be coached by Kelly Rudolph using the Dragonfly Process. It is a powerful way to visualize your future and begin to create all that you want in your life. It is also a way…

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Kelly Rudolph

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Articles by Kelly Rudolph

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Kelly Rudolph

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