Love Yourself Anyway


Love Yourself Anyway
We all make mistakes, have our baggage, failed, carry extra weight... Love yourself anyway

You let someone down, love yourself anyway.
You gained 10 pounds, love yourself anyway.
You got fired, love yourself anyway.
Your relationship ended, love yourself anyway.
You lost your home, love yourself anyway.
Your body has changed, love yourself anyway.
You lost your temper, love yourself anyway.
You’re unorganized, love yourself anyway.
You’re finances are out of order, love yourself anyway.
You forgot to file your taxes, love yourself anyway.
You hurt someone’s feelings, love yourself anyway.
You picked the wrong one again, love yourself anyway.
Your friendship suddenly ended, love yourself anyway.
You were abandoned, love yourself anyway.
You numbed your feelings, love yourself anyway.
You slipped off your diet, love yourself anyway.
You were cheated on, love yourself anyway.
Your business failed, love yourself anyway.
You were lied to, love yourself anyway.
You were misunderstood, love yourself anyway.
You were left out, love yourself anyway.
You stayed too long, love yourself anyway.
You wish it never happened, love yourself anyway.
You were abused by those you trusted, love yourself anyway.
You’re too tall / too short, love yourself anyway.
You were rejected, love yourself anyway.
You spent too much, love yourself anyway.
You weren’t chosen, love yourself anyway.
You lost everything, love yourself anyway.
You were misled, love yourself anyway.
You’re not where you want to be, love yourself anyway.

Unconditional Love. Practice it on yourself until it comes natural as breathing. No one can love you more than you love yourself.

This article was originally published at Holistic Healing with Kelly Ann. Reprinted with permission.
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Kelly Ann Matuskiewicz

Spiritual Healer

I'm an Intuitive Love Coach, Holistic Healer, and Spiritual Consultant. I help singles break through fears, beliefs and barriers that are keeping them from having the amazing love and relationship their heart desires.

As a Healer, I guide you to releasing the past pains and childhood wounds that play out in relationship after relationship. I guide you through breaking the repeated unconscious cycles and connect you with your own inner power and infinite wisdom. What transforms from there are unlimited possibilities for Love, Relationships, and a Life full of peace, happiness, and abundance in all areas!

I offer a complementary connection call where we'll discuss what is in your way and preventing you from attracting the Love and happy life you desire.  Apply for your connection call here.


Location: Amston, CT
Credentials: EFT, HSP, Other
Specialties: Abuse / Survivors of Abuse, Dating/Being Single Support, Holistic Coach, Self-Esteem
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