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Karen Jones has been helping women get their heart's desiret: to have a scrumptious relationship with a man who is a great fit for them. Karen founded The Heart Matters, a relationship coaching and training company, in 1997.  Her book, Men are Great, was published in 2007.

Karen has helped hundreds of women--married, single, or at some stage in between--have their dreams come true with men.

Women can choose from coaching services, special events, recommended resources, and a free monthly newsletter called "Ask the Coach".

In addition to being passionate about the work she does with women, Karen adores spending time with her husband of 19 years, Craig. You can often spot them walking along the river near their home outside Boston, MA.

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

I first became fascinated with how romantic relationships worked when I was a teenager; a product of divorce, and having never seen a good role model, it was a subject that took up a lot of attention (and lots of "field study"). 

After many years of my own relationship lessons: one failed marriage, numerous other relationships - some good, most way NOT good - and finally in the marriage of my dreams, I've collected some priceless wisdom.  

I am passionate about helping women have the relationships they've always dreamed of.  Whether or not they believe it's possible (or even believe they deserve what they want), it's my life's purpose to instill in women the belief, and then teach them the skills, to be able to manifest the love of their lives. 

I love what I do, and am deeply honored to be invited in to women's lives, so that I can help them experience the love and fulfillment that they long for.

Karen Jones

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Karen Jones

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