New Year, New You ... Not Again!


New Year, New You ... Not Again!
It's January and the "New Year, New You" phrase is again well overused but will this year different?

Well, it's 2012 and the catch phrase "New Year, New You" is definitely once again well overused and way under committed to. It happens every year: every January everyone sets resolutions, goals, intentions, aspirations, hopes—insert whatever word resonates with you—but it is the unified time in which you and the rest of the world decide to refresh, renew or rewrite themselves. I know I've done it, and I'm pretty sure you have as well said something along the lines of, "This is the year I'm going to lose the last 10 pounds!" or "This is the year I'm going back to school!" or "This is the year I'm going to ..."

So what is different about this year? What if you didn't set any resolutions or intentions this year? What if you just embraced each day and looked for an opportunity each day to move beyond where you were yesterday and you boldly took action each and every day to bring you closer to feeling you've not wasted one moment of the day worrying about tomorrow or fretting about yesterday? Sounds great, but is it realistic? And in actuality, the goals and intentions are about shifting your perspective.


How do you set goals while not setting goals? Not setting resolutions or goals is actually setting a goal in and of itself. Take a moment to look at what it means for you to be in the "new year." I see it happening around me all the time. People are beginning to step up and step out, allowing their inner light and inner selves to shine through; they're not just losing weight but changing positions and careers. The big difference I'm noticing in people is they are gaining the courage to look inside and make what defines them a priority, making decisions that their health is a priority the same as spending quality time with children and loved one is. People, it seems, are not so afraid of what others might think if they put themselves first. They have made the connection that when they are stronger, healthier and happier, they become a better father to their children, are better employees, and are better spouses.

Overall your personal wellness improves; as a result, so too do your relationships, your financial wellness, your spiritual wellness, etc. And again, your health continues to improve. Your cycle of positive influence begins to gain momentum.
Unfortunately (and yes, there is an "unfortunately" side to this positivity), the trickle down or ripple effect that your positive influence has on those around you is affected. When you make dramatic changes in your life, it can trigger in others fear and resentment; further, it may challenge their self-esteem and self-worth. You need to remind yourself it is not your responsibility to fix or change anyone else, but you need to be living consciously regarding how your actions impact those around you.

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