3 Ways To Get Over a Man


3 Ways To Get Over a Man

When you want a man who isn’t available or isn’t interested, it’s easy to stay emotionally stuck. Instead of sitting around and feeling bad that you love someone you can’t have, you have to take charge of your life. You are, by the way, in charge of your life. And that means your emotional state of being. It feels like our mind is in charge, but we can do things to change our attitude.

Here are 3 really effective ways to get over a man:


1. Start dating a new man. There’s nothing that works better than getting involved with a new man. It feels good to have a man show interest in us, it switches our focus to the new man, and away from the other one, and we go on dates, getting us out of the house. And who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love and this will be the perfect man for you.

2. Take classes. Have you always wanted to learn salsa dancing? Dancing classes are great because you’ll meet men there. Or maybe you’ve been meaning to get back to painting, or always thought you would like to take singing or acting lessons. The great thing about taking a class is you’ll meet new people, even girlfriends, and start being more active.

3. Offer your time and skills to a charity organization. Giving to others, making a positive difference in other people’s lives, meeting like-minded people…all great ways to stop focusing on ‘him’ and start focusing on help others. Plus, as with the other suggestions, you are getting out, socializing, and meeting new people.

Almost always, when we are stuck thinking about something or someone that makes us feel bad, we’re spending too much time at home, moping around. You have to get busy, get out and be with other people.

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