Improve Your Sex Life in 10 minutes a day!


Improve Your Sex Life in 10 minutes a day!
Can't make it to sex ed classes? Want to have hotter sex but you don't know how? I have the answer!

People are pretty busy these days, and I bet you are too. There’s always so much to do that actually taking the time to go out and learn how to keep your sex life hot, is a fantasy in and of itself. You might not even have a high quality sex shop nearby that offers live classes, so it’s only been books and DVDs to show you some tricks and tips.

Of course, that whole first paragraph is written assuming that you’ve cared enough to purse sex life improvement tools. Many people don’t even get that far. But I want to change that, because I believe that you deserve a hotter & more creative sex life. As


I’ve said before, having a healthy sex life improves whole life healthiness.  Sex creates intimacy with your partner, burns calories and gives your whole body a boost from orgasm and happy hormones flooding your body? So why shouldn’t you make it a priority.

In society education is typically looked on as a way to improve yourself. Having a college degree is an important achievement for many. But sex is rarely explored and explained through actual learning. It’s a hit or miss sort of cobbled together self-education. It’s time for that to change.

Spending some time to educate yourself about having great sex makes sense in both ways. It’s like taking time out to read a magazine article about eating healthier or 20 tips to feel more confident.

Taking 10 minutes out of your day, even if it’s a couple of days a week, is bound to improve your sexual experience. Porn can be stimulating for some, and undesired for others, but porn is not even meant to be education. It would be like “Fifty Shades of Grey” to be read as a how-to manual (hint, it shouldn’t be), porn and erotica are meant to stimulate not educate. You and your partner can certainly learn from porn if you both enjoy watching it, seeing sex acts enacted can be very informing.

But porn and erotica are fantasies, which means they are probably leaving out some pretty key safety factors that aren’t particularly sexy but rather are practical, real life necessities.

So, what are your options when it comes to learning, on your own schedule in a low pressure way? I have the answer for you.

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