4 Tips for Communicating with your Partner About Sex


4 Tips for Communicating with your Partner About Sex
Communicating about your sexual needs is how to get them satisfied!

Communication is by far the most important ‘sexual enhancement’, because when you’re engaged in each other mentally it’s easier to connect sexually. There’s also the fact that your partner can’t read your mind, so helping them out by communicating your sexual needs will just make it that much more likely to get exactly what satisfies you!

There are a lot of reasons to keep the communication lines open when it comes to your sexual needs, however there is one aspect that is paramount. Recognizing that keeping your mind open to your partners needs builds intimacy & trust…two things that also result in hotter sex!


This article is about communicating your partner about your sexual needs as well as suggestions on how to be open to your partners desires. A list of tips for communicating during sex will be coming up next!

  1. Commit to do your best to remove all personal judgments, how you verbally sound and in your body language. This is a time worth putting in the effort to stay open-minded and remember that this person is someone that you love. So even if you aren’t into their interests, stay aware that you want this to be a positive experience for the both of you.
  2. Use your words! Don’t be afraid to get graphic, this is the no-judgment zone after all! Many of us are taught that ‘explicit’ language is bad, but that’s not true when we’re talking about sex. Then, it’s the native language. Be specific, even if you use slang or medical terms or a ‘code’ that you can both understand. Regardless of what words you use, just start talking.
  3. There are other options for communicating that can be used in conjunction with a face to face chat about your sex life or can be their own way to share your thoughts and needs. Using a journal that you can take turns writing in, or of course the new age version is keeping a document on your computer. You can have a conversation with each other through your writing, which may make it easier to get the conversation going.
  4. Be honest, but try to avoid ‘bad news’ language. Saying things like “you’re going to think I’m weird when I tell you this…” or “I don’t want you to get freaked out, but I like…” only sets up a feeling of dread in your partner and that’s just not necessary. Talk about your sexual desires in a positive way because even if your partner isn’t initially interested, starting off with an up-beat attitude will lay a foundation for possible discussions later.

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