10 Reasons You're Not Having Sex & How To Fix It!


10 Reasons You're Not Having Sex & How To Fix It! [EXPERT]
Don't let these obstacles keep you from having the sex you deserve.

Many people are unhappy with their sex lives, which is problematic because a healthy sex life is important for overall well-being. There are some common obstacles couples face when trying to maintain a healthy sex life, so once you identify your biggest sex blockades, you'll be able to figure out the best strategy to get around them and get back to your regular romping! 5 Myths About Kinky Sex From '50 Shades Of Grey'

Obstacle #1: There never seems to be enough time in the day.


The Solution: It's easy for sexy time to get pushed down on the to-do list but it's time to make it a priority! Find little ways to keep a sexy mindset about and with each other. Naughty texts and discreet dirty talk on the phone during the day can keep you ready to go. Schedule a date night and treat it as an opportunity to bring back the spark. Don't forget about quickies between your busy schedule! 4 Tips To Improve Your Sex Life

Obstacle #2: There is too much distance.

The Solution: Now that one out of five relationships are made from an online connection and many people have to go where their job takes them, the long distance relationship has become a necessity. But just because you're in different places doesn't have to mean a lack of sexual connection!

Classic phone sex is a favorite. Using new technology such as Skype can keep you face to face while you mutually masturbate and can share in the sounds and visuals of your partner. Make sure you schedule some body to body time too though: visiting and letting your skin to skin friction is really important to keep a relationship going over the distance. Some Startling Stats About Sex & Texting

Obstacle #3: When you've been with your partner a long time, it's easy to get comfortable with our seduction of one another.

The Solution: Take a weekend to bring back the mystery. Take care of your hygiene needs with the door closed, wear sexy things to bed and don't get dressed in front of each other, so that it will be a pleasant surprise!

Obstacle #4: You have kids.

The Solution: Parents love their children, but that doesn't mean that the need for sex should fly out the window! If you have friends with kids, offer a swap, they'll take all the kids one night and you'll take them on another. That way both sets of parents have some important and uninterrupted time together.

If the kids are watching TV or settled in with their homework, go in the next room and make out for a few minutes, but make sure you don't get caught. You can hug and kiss each other when the kids are around because it's a good thing to let kids see their parents are affectionate with one another.

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Obstacle #5: You have way too much work at the office and home.

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