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I Am Robin Williams, Are You?

Robin Williams would have been a star selling ice cream in rural Idaho. You would have purchased your snow cone, laughed until your stomach hurt, and driven away saying, “That guy is special.” Luckily for us he didn’t sell ice cream, but instead involved himself in a career that enhanced the ...

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Why No One Cares About Your Pretty Personality

Dating in general is shallow, and dating online is like having no water in the pool. Do you want to swim in the deep end where it's not shallow? Good luck with that because you better teleport to the 1920s when people had fewer options and less selection. Until your time machine is fixed, you'll have to ...

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The Do's Of Online Dating: How To Skip The Games To Find Love

No matter what you do (or don't do) with online dating, take most of it as entertainment. Dating sites are social networking sites with a dating theme. Look for friends first and don't take it too seriously. If you take it too seriously, you'll forget the purpose of meeting new people to begin with: ...

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Want A Successful Relationship? Consider Acting Like A Kid

Children are smarter than adults, because I've never seen a child with a full-time job or a broken heart. They have life figured out. Ever seen a 7-year- old complain about being single? "Mommy, nobody will go to Chuckie Cheese with me!" No, you haven't. Give them a piece of candy and a puppy, ...

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The One Surprising Reason You're So Addicted To Online Dating

We live in an addictive world. Whether it's drugs, food, gambling, or Facebook, we all know spending too much time doing "that thing". Some have multiple addictions: drinking excessively, dating multiple people, and eating the sweets the doctor told them to stay away from. It seems that these days, ...

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Articles by Justin Kelly McClure
How To Deal With Depression: I Am Robin Williams

I Am Robin Williams, Are You?

The pain Robin Williams felt is real, and it does not discriminate.

Online Dating Advice: Why Pictures Matter On Your Dating Profile

Why No One Cares About Your Pretty Personality

People care about your personality when they care about you, but at first it's about the physical.

Online Dating Advice: Ten Tips For Online Dating Success

The Do's Of Online Dating: How To Skip The Games To Find Love

When it comes to a profile, your picture matters more than your personality.

Dating Coach: Why You Should Act Like A Child On Your Date

Want A Successful Relationship? Consider Acting Like A Kid

Sometimes the greatest lessons in life are taught by the miniature versions of ourselves.

Online Dating Advice: Controlling Your Online Dating Addiction

The One Surprising Reason You're So Addicted To Online Dating

You're looking for love but there's a problem: You don't even love yourself.

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