How Online Dating Has Influenced Interracial Dating


Online dating has given popularity to interracial dating.

I'm a fan of interracial dating. 

We all bleed the same. It would be great if all races dated and morphed into one color. That seems to be the way to end racism. It's very difficult to dislike someone if you also look like that person. When we don't hate others, we love ourselves more easily because we see similarity.

Online dating has definitely amplified the rise of interracial dating. Guys, especially Caucasian men, typically do not approach a woman of color in public. White guys are typically more cautious and nervous to approach a beautiful sister. Caucasian men care what others think too much; worrying about the rejection or the outcome instead of the reward (the beautiful woman). Black and Latino men simply don't care. They are going to make a move. A Caucasian man will try to build up the nerve to talk to a hot Spanish chick, but instead go home alone whereas Spanish and Black guys will will do anything to gain the girl's attention.

I've seen black guys do crazy things to get a woman's attention. One time I saw a Black guy carrying groceries down the street, turn to check out a girl's butt, say "Damn!" and then start following the girl with four bags of groceries. Also, I once saw this Latino guy cross the train tracks in New York City just to talk to a girl on the other side. After the difficult sojourn to the other side, the girl wasn't interested, so he came back to his side of the tracks and pretended like it never happened. He didn't care and started talking to another chick.

White guys do not act like that. A white guy might see an attractive Puerto Rican chick and get the courage to say "Hello there, ma'am, how is your day going?", and that's probably it. He'll just scurry his way onto work. Black men do not care. A Black guy could be on fire, literally disintegrating, and would find a way to hit on a girl before he jumped in a lake with, "Hey baby, I know my body is burning, I'm on fire, but you are fine as hell, mama. Now let me jump in this lake to get this fire off me, but I'll be back, and I hope you'll like me extra crispy. You looking good, girl!"

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