Do You Want to Get Married and He Doesn’t? Single Moms(EXPERT)


Do You Want to Get Married and He Doesn’t? Single Moms(EXPERT)
Single moms want and deserve the career, home and family a committed marriage partnership brings.

Do You Want to Get Married and He Doesn’t? Single Moms Want Marriage

“I want to get married and he doesn’t.” “I want to get engaged now!” “How do I get him to commit?” “How can he say he loves me and the kids, but won’t make it legal?” “I want to get married now.”

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In my work as a parent educator and life empowerment coach, I hear these refrains frequently. Women who are in loving relationships but want the commitment and legal documentation to show they are loved. They want their children to have the stability of a two parent family.

Single Parenting is Hard on Adults and Children

Even though my husband Dwain and I have been fortunate to have a long term marriage and strong relationship, we have watched our adult children and their children struggle being single parents.

Aside from the huge physical work involved in running a household as a single parent, there are frequently disappointed and angry children. Perhaps the anger directed towards a reluctant boy-friend  is causing a fear of commitment on the part of the male.

It may even create anxiety enough on the part of the child, he will try to sabotage a new relationship.

According to The majority of children living with one parent lived with their single mother. Some single parents had cohabiting partners. Twenty percent of children living with single fathers and 10 percent of children living with single mothers also lived with their parent's cohabiting partner. Out of all children ages 0–17, 5.0 million (7 percent) lived with a parent or parents who were cohabiting.

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