3 Top Ways To Make An Extra $200 This Weekend (EXPERT)


3 Top Ways To Make An Extra $200 This Weekend (EXPERT)
What could you do to make an extra $200? There are lots of ways to generate cash in a hurry. Try it.

Times are tough right now and holidays are right around the corner and so are lots of expenses. Every one of us is scratching our heads and trying to figure out ways to bring in some extra cash. You may need extra money to buy gifts or just to pay the rent.

Even if you work full time or are working part-time in three jobs, like many of my friends, you still need some extra cash now and then. Maybe you need to “pay someone else” or maybe you realize it is time to “pay yourself in the retirement or emergency fund.”


Creative Ways To Generate Cash

In our family with six kids there were many weekends where we all worked on a project to make extra cash for something special or even to buy groceries.  We have a list of about 20 things we did to make an extra $200 in a weekend.

Then, our kids thought we were the meanest parents in the world.  But now, they all have entrepreneurial skills and never lack for a job. Employers are always impressed by how hard-working and diligent they are, no matter what the task or assignment is.

Top 3 Ways To Earn $200 in a Weekend

Here are some ideas that we have used and I am going to be blogging about more daily at http://www.judyhwright.com  so be sure and check it out.  Find your sweet spot of talent, skill, effort and end product, and your family will be $200 richer by next week.
Top 3 Ways To Earn $200 This Weekend

1. Sell “stuff” on Craig’s list, eBay, etsie or your online classified listing.  It is amazing what people are looking for and willing to buy. You bought it once and so will they. Look around your house and office and spend a few minutes taking a photo, writing a compelling review listing all the features, benefits and reasons for selling.

This week, I have sold a camera that I hated because I couldn’t figure it out, a long dress coat (that I had bought at a thrift shop) and a teapot that once belonged to a relative.

Bingo…I made $187.

I am comfortable having people coming to my home, but my friend Tee always has people meet her in the Costco parking lot. We both ask for cash.

2. Sell at craft and art shows.  In order to make a profit from a handmade or wholesale product the markup is four times what it cost you to produce.  So if you buy a bunch of earrings online for $1.00 then you have to sell them for at least $4.00 to cover costs and make a profit. 

Many new entrepreneurs forget to figure in their time.  If you make jewelry while you are watching a movie, then you can figure a lower hourly “wage.”  If what you are doing is labor and time intensive, you should be figuring a salary to cover your costs.

My friend Kay loves to take photos and so she has them printed on cardstock and sells them as cards, singly or in a package.  She buys the envelopes wholesale and can usually sell $300 to $400 worth in a heavily trafficked art show.  She also sells them online but figures in the cost of mailing and time to go to post office etc.

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