3 Easy Steps To Enjoy Children

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Perhaps you are uncomfortable around kids. Would you like some easy steps to enjoy children?

Imagine a scene where you are laughing and having fun with the children in your life?  Can you picture the joy you will feel when there is no stress or  disharmony?  Is it possible to have that quality time with your family and children in your circle of influence?  You will think more positively after you have read these three easy steps to really enjoy children.

As every working adult (and that is all of us, even if we don’t get a paycheck or have kids) knows, we have busy lives.  Time is moving faster and faster and we are all bombarded and overwhelmed with too many tasks and not much time for fun.  But, we must make time for the most important work we will ever do and that is to encourage the mind and heart of a child.

Kids Need Adults To Be With Them

Those of you who have read my earlier books and articles know how strongly I feel about adult role models for kids.  Aunties and Uncles, Teachers and Coaches, Youth Leaders and extended families are so important to raising resilient, confident kids into adults.

Parents spend an average of seventeen hours a week in the company of their kids, but less than two hours a week devoted to interacting with them.  Interacting means face to face or shoulder to shoulder time talking, playing or helping with homework.  It does not mean texting or phone calls, which is connecting but not building real relationships.

3 Ways to Build Relationship with Children

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