How Your Weight Affects Your Date


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Don't let poor self-image sabotage your life and your happiness.

Would you love to attract the man of your dreams, but your poor body image keeps getting in the way? When you're being honest with yourself, are you happy? If not, and your weight a big part of what's holding you back, it's time to get to the root of the problem. Or maybe you're already dating a great guy, but you know it could be so much better if you could just feel fantastic about — or, at the very least, accept — your own body.

Unfortunately, your body isn't a car you can park by the curb and forget about during your date — or at any time, for that matter. Your body is a vehicle, though; it's your vehicle here on this Earth — and it's with you all the time.

It's a simple concept, but here's the most important fact: How you feel about your body affects every interaction you have, everywhere you go. So if you're on a date and feel upset about your weight — and don't feel absolutely fantastic in your own skin — then there's a third person tagging along: your negative feelings about yourself (and there's no room at the table for three).

Even if you think you're keeping your feelings to yourself, your poor self-image creeps into your conversation, your flirtation — basically, everything you say and do. If you're constantly struggling with your weight, and it's affecting your self-confidence, you're broadcasting that in one way or another.

Now, on the flip side, when you do feel absolutely fantastic about yourself, when you feel good in your own skin, when you are in love with you, your dating life thrives. Your relationships thrive. You thrive — in all areas. You're totally present and confident. Continue reading ...

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